Software and the ability to fully utilise them are crucial enablers to your overall measuring capability and manufacturing competitiveness. The ability to measure critical features and parameters of the parts you produce allow you to:

evaluate maufacturing processs

Improve manufacturing process

expand into new manufacturing areas and products

We invest in the latest demo equipment and software and in the continual training of our Applications Engineers to be able in turn to support you on your measurements and analysis.


Pre-sale evaluations

We support our customers with test measurements and demonstrations to check the suitability of equipment or measuring methods for your requirements prior to your equipment purchase.


operator apps training

After machine installation, we provide applications training for your operators to be able to properly utilise the equipment.

After the initial training, we can provide ongoing or additional training on request.

We also from time to time conduct classroom training for specific equipment or modules based on popularity of requests. This can also include measuring methods, alignment methods and GD&T in relation to the use of your software and equipment.



We can support you with on-line CNC Part-programming or Off-Line Part-Programming from your CAD data on request, even prior to the setup of your new factory plant and machinery. This would save time and costs in starting up your production of new products and testing first articles.



Our showrooms are available to support customers with measuring services. Our equipment range includes advanced industrial micro-focus and nano-focus X-Ray Computed Tomography, CMMs, video based CMMs, Surface Roughness, Profile and Roundness metrology, Focus Variation Microscopy, Portable Arm CMMs, Laser Trackers, 3D Digitizers, Laser Scanners and so on.



In addition to measurement services, we can also provide reverse engineering services to support your modeling or design functions. This is efficiently done from high-density point clouds obtained from optical, laser scanned or XCT systems using PolyWorks® ModelerTM ideally in conjunction with your in-house CADCAM solutions such as SOLIDWORKS or Inventor, etc.