Dimensional Measurement of Front Hub

The hub is the center of the wheel, typically houses a bearing, and is where the spokes meet. The main task of hubs is to support machine elements at rest or during rotation, in this case, the wheels. It withstands axial forces, cutting forces, bending and torsional moments. Therefore, it is important to design a hub with the appropriate tolerance dimensions, to achieve wheel stability.

Application of the front hub include:

  • Automotive: vehicle wheel such as bicycle, motorcycle, car, etc.

Assembly of the front hub with spokes and bearings is essential. The front hub consists of many small holes in diameters and angles, with tight tolerances. Accretech AXCEL CMM can achieve precise and accurate dimension measurement to complete the task.

PCD diameters (A, B), bore angles (C, D), distances (E, F, G, H), Concentricity and Perpendicularity determine that the front hub will fit into the spokes of the wheel rim when assembled. Accurate dimensions provide stability to the rim.

Accretech AXCEL  CMM with probe head using RDS Vast XXT can be rotated into several position to measure the small holes of some angles of the front hub. A wide variety of probe systems is available to choose from, achieving higher accuracy, higher drive speed which reduces measurement time during inspection, especially for measurement of parts having complex shapes, etc.

With automatic CNC program, Accretech AXCEL  CMM can provide characteristics of the reference dimensions, tolerance dimensions, GD&T of the front hub with measurement features (Plane, Circle, Cylinder, 3D Line), and display them concurrently in the CALYPSO software.

GD&T measurements is also useful to manufacturers to know how much geometrical imperfection is tolerable before compromising the function of the component. 

With functional assemblies, multi-part products, or parts with complex functionality, it is crucial that all components work well together. All relevant fits and features need to be specified in a way that impacts the manufacturing process and its related investments, while still guaranteeing functionality. GD&T allows manufacturers to optimize functionality without increasing cost.