Hexagon Portable CMM Arm Promotions
01 Sep 2021

Hexagon Portable CMM Arm Promotions

To better support manufacturers in Thailand, we will be running TWO promotions from now until 31 December 2021.
The ability to measure critical features and parameters of the parts you produce allow you to evaluate and improve your manufacturing processes. Today’s portable metrology enable measurements anywhere for immediate productivity improvements. If your part is too big to bring to your CMM, bring your CMM to the part!
The Hexagon Absolute Arm, combined with touch probes, laser scanners or optical reflectors, can be automated or robotized. Together with real-time high-density point cloud software PolyWorks® Metrology Suite, we can achieve efficient metrology inspections and reverse engineering.
Suitable for: Mold, Headliners, Checking Fixtures, Car Body Panels, Bumpers, and more.
For any further enquiries on the above promotions, do contact us at sales@cairnhill.com.