Industrial Metrology

Bruker Alicona, headquartered in Graz, Austria, is a global supplier of optical 3D surface measurement solutions, based on its proprietary Focus-Variation core technology, that combines micro CMMs and surface metrology functionalities for the measurements of form and roughness on an area basis, and complex and miniaturized 3D geometries. Measurements can be performed in production-near environments with repeatability and traceability to support manufacturing processes, as well as for quality assurance.

Bruker Alicona’s range of high resolution platforms for standard as well as special solutions include:

  • InfiniteFocus® G5 plus highly accurate, fast and flexible optical 3D measurement system for lab and production - By means of Vertical Focus Probing, an extension of Focus-Variation, vertical surfaces are probed laterally as well. Optional Advanced Real3D rotation unit with motorised tilt axis for automated inspections or airfoils and other complex products.
  • InfiniteFocusSL easy to use entry level system for high speed manual focus variation measurements
  • EdgeMasterX / IF-Sensor R25: Cost-Efficient Profiler Platforms
  • IF-Portable/IF-Profiler flexible handheld 3D surface profilometry for production or for larger components
  • Turbine/Disc/Compact Cobots Range combine high-resolution, optical 3D measurement sensors and collaborative robots