Prolink Software Corporation started in 1983 with a mission to write a Statistical Process Control (SPC) software program called QC-CALC™ to interface with all automatic inspection equipment. The need for an easy to use data collection and analysis software was apparent then and continues to this day.

QC-CALC offers automatic data collection, database creation, and part switching.

SPC Office Buddy automates the running of custom Excel and Minitab reports, the Enterprise Report Scheduler allows you to create scheduled rollup reports and shop floor dashboards, the Enterprise Reporting Scheduling (ERS) package allows you to create custom visual factory style dashboards that can be displayed anywhere in the shop floor, and QC-PLC collects data from Programmable Logic Controllers.

QC-CALC Real-Time (one component of GageStation) QC-CALC RT is the primary interface at the gaging station, QC-Gage (another component of GageStation) provides a means to manage gage input and provide additional operator guidance for manual measurement processes. GageStation is a simple combination of QC-Calc Realtime and QC-Gage.