Alicona Machine Upgrade to InfiniteFocus G6 and G5+
13 Dec 2022




Alicona Machine Upgrade | Cairnhill Metrology

The release of the brand-new sixth-general InfiniteFocus focus variation system, the G6, was a highlight on the Bruker-Alicona Stand. This system features a brand-new Real3D rotation unit with improved stability and performance , enhanced processing speed and a new and enhanced Alicona Measurement Suite software package. Pricing of the G6 system carries a 15% premium on the existing G5+ system. Still, many new features, completely redesigned framed and improved capabilities make this system an ideal next step for both new customers and customers wanting to upgrade from older generation G4 system.

Why upgrade to InfiniteFocus G6?

  • MetMAX - Software Platform which allows automatic measurement planning on the CAD.
  • Much Faster Z Axis without any noise.
  • Higher Accurate AdvancedRotationUnit.
  • Measurement field: 
    XYZ 200 mm x 200 mm x 180 mm.
  • Highly Polished Surface with a surface Texture less than 30 nm are measurable.
  • Motorized Polarizer. 
    You can use in one measurement program with and without polarizer. 

Why upgrade to InfiniteFocus G5+?

  • Up to 10 times faster Measurements.
  •  Large measurement point density
  • Measure form and roughness in one system.
  • 4x Objective with a Field of View of 5,63 mm x 5,63 mm
  • Magnetic Ringlight with 25 Segments individually adjustable.
  • AdvancedRotationUnit with a Motorized Tilt and Rotation Unit.
  • Measurement field: XYZ 200 mm x 200 mm x 100 mm

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Upgrade now and experience the new generation!