Surfcom Nex & Rondcom Nex New Generation
20 Sep 2023

Accretech Seminar | Surfcom NEX & Rondcom NEX Next Generation
Pt Cairnhill Serviech Inti

We are inviting all Surfcom NEX & Rondcom NEX users and customers from Indonesia to another seminar in partnership with Pt Accretech Indonesia. Don't miss this chance to discover the latest updates and see live product demonstrations.

We welcome our speaker, Rendy Dasrianto (Sales Engineer, Accretech) to present and discuss what's new in the next generation of Surfcom NEX and Rondcom NEX.

Limited slots only. RSVP HERE by 15 September 2023. 

For more information, you may send us an email at,  or call +62 812 8485 9433.