Complex Geometry of Aluminum Casting Parts

The performance and safety of a vehicle depends on the quality of the aluminum casting parts used. These parts can be difficult to inspect due to their complex geometry. However, Structured Light Scanning allows easy inspection with Hexagon SmartScan R5 together with InnovMetric PolyWorks software.

Below shows the output scan of a car automotive spare part (pictured above) in InnovMetric PolyWorks software.

  • Areas which need any correction can be easily identified using the deviation analysis feature
  • Scanned work piece can also be inspected according to GD&T requirements
  • CAD data can be generated from the scanned data using reverse engineering process

Structured Light Scanning is one of the simplest way to render 3D data from actual 3D objects. The scanner projects fringes onto the part and takes images to form data points.

The scan output is instantly available as a dataset within a few minutes for further analysis and processing purpose. High quality scan results can be produced for machining, inspection and reverse engineering processes.

Applications of Structured Light Scanner include:

  • Quality control manufacturing processes
  • Heavy or complex parts inspection
  • Documentation of cultural and historical artefacts
  • Capture model for virtual reality games
  • Mold cavity measurements

Various Structured Light Scanning solutions catering to different applications include: