InnovMetric Launches PolyWorks|DataLoop™ PLM Connectors
27 Apr 2021


Interconnect product lifecycle management and 3D measurement digital ecosystems to facilitate sharing of product definition and provide direct access to 3D measurement data
QUEBEC, QC, CANADA, April 27, 2021 – InnovMetric, the global leader in smart 3D metrology software solutions, today announced the release of new PolyWorks|DataLoop PLM Connectors to interconnect Product Lifecycle Management systems and the PolyWorks® smart 3D metrology digital ecosystem. PLM Connectors enable product engineering, manufacturing, and 3D measurement teams to leverage shared product definition and 3D measurement data. Having quick access to the latest information facilitates new product development and increases the efficiency of quality assurance processes. Supported PLM systems include Siemens Teamcenter®, PTC Windchill, and CONTACT CIM Database.
“We have made it our key mission to support the digital transformation of our customers’ 3D measurement processes. Our new PLM connectors play a critical role to this end by ensuring a perfect digital interoperability between a customer’s PLM system and PolyWorks solutions,” said Marc Soucy, President of InnovMetric. He added, “For PolyWorks|Inspector™ users, this means they can directly import their CAD models and data from the PLM system. For designers and manufacturing specialists, they can now access 3D measurement results from their PLM interface. PLM connectors make the dream of fast and secure digital data exchanges between the PLM and 3D measurement ecosystems a reality!”
Universal Digital Access to CAD and 3D Measurement Data
PLM connectors ensure digital access to CAD and 3D measurement data for all PLM and PolyWorks users, eliminating the mistakes and lost time resulting from manual data exchanges:

  • PolyWorks|Inspector users can search for CAD models and assemblies stored in the PLM and import any revision directly
  • PLM users can access 3D measurement data and results in a single click through light inspection project objects linked to projects stored in a PolyWorks|DataLoop 3D measurement database

Digital PLM Processes Boosted by 3D Measurement Data
PLM connectors help enhance the quality of products proactively by integrating valuable 3D measurement data into digital PLM enterprise processes, such as:

  • Engineering change: Access 3D measurement data from the PLM to troubleshoot design and manufacturing issues and check on the success or failure of a fix
  • Revision traceability: Document the causes of engineering changes through hyperlinks that point to relevant 3D measurement data and discussion threads
  • Approval process optimization: Improve the efficiency of existing PLM-based approval processes by linking CAD revisions to their corresponding 3D measurement data
  • Continuous improvement: Analyze your enterprise’s current manufacturing process capability to improve the next product designs

PolyWorks|DataLoop PLM Connectors are available through InnovMetric’s Master Distributor reseller network.
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