APODIUS Vision System 2D


The APODIUS Vision System 2D is the market-leading standalone optical measuring solution specifically developed for local two-dimensional fibre-orientation measurement.

Information about a part’s surface texture is captured by the high-resolution optical sensor. Up to three fibre orientations can be reliably determined to within a measurement resolution of just a tenth of a degree by evaluating the recorded raw image data of the texture.

The custom-built APODIUS Explorer 2D software platform combines instant processing of the high-definition images collected by the sensor with complete measurement output handling and automatic report generation. Measurement is directly visualised within the programme in real time to guide the user through the process, and a variety of data output and export formats facilitate further analysis and documentation post-measurement.

The APODIUS Vision System 2D enables valid fibre orientation measurements for production release that have been proven according to industry standards MSA and VDA 5. It also delivers the necessary statistical process control for composite part approval, including the assessment of production process capability.

APODIUS 2D is qualified for both fully automated inline as well as offline quality assurance and allows for single-layer specific actual-to-target-value comparison for various materials, including braided, woven, non-crimp and customised dry fabrics in addition to wet and cured parts.

Fast Quality Assurance
High-speed fibre-orientation analysis for quality control within composite production ensures errors are quickly identified and redressed with the APODIUS Vision System 2D.

Accuracy of Measurement
Increased reliability and repeatability means less waste compared to traditional inspection processes carried out by hand with rulers and gauges.

Installation Options
Fully integrated inline installation options in addition to offline inspection set-up, allowing for the enhanced efficiency of automation.

Direct Comparison
Single-layer specific actual-to-target value comparisons clearly display orientation errors within APODIUS Explorer 2D.

Range of Surfaces
APODIUS 2D is qualified for dry, wet, cured and semi-finished parts, allowing control at the point of the production process that makes sense for each particular application.

Measurement Outputs
Instant image processing is followed by automatic measurement output handling and report generation for total documentation and traceability.