CNC Automatic Gear Tester CLP Series

CLP-15S / CLP-35 / CLP-65

CLP-15S, CLP-35 and CLP-65 have become our emblematic CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) full automatic gear measuring instruments. CLP-15S is designed for the measurement of small module, sintered or plastic gears widely used in electronic devices and prevision machineries. On the other hand, CLP-35 / CLP-65, for the measurement of gears used under high loads, such as transmission gears for automobile and construction machines.

With this instrument, the profile, helix, pitch and runout of gears can be measured quickly and accurately.

This instrument supports a LAN environment so that data can be controlled, browsed and processed on the network on a real-time basis (Optional).


  • High durability and improved measurement accuracy
  • Substantial maintenance support structure has been provided


  • Measurement of internal gear
  • Measurement of master gear for automatic measurement
  • Measurement of plastic gear
  • Measurement of a transmission gear
  • Measurement of pinion (shaper) cutter
  • Measurement of shaving cutter
  • Measurement of hob
  • Measurement of worm