Hexagon Absolute Scanner AS1-XL


The Absolute Scanner AS1-XL is the first 3D laser scanner designed for large-surface inspection that supports automated and autonomous measurement systems. With the freedom provided by the WRTL wireless link accessory for the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960, the AS1-XL opens up the potential to autonomously capture data from extremely large parts in areas such as aerospace and energy. 


  • Extra-wide scanline
    The AS1-XL boasts an extra-wide scan line of 600 millimetres at standoff distance. This allows it to make light work of large surfaces, with far fewer scan passes required across the part.

  • Large Standoff
    The AS1-XL boasts a unsurpassed measurement standoff distance of 700 millimetres, with a working range of plus-or-minus 300 millimetres either side. That means reliable inspection is possible at up to a full metre from the 3D scanner.

  • Shine Technology
    The AS1-XL is the latest Hexagon 3D laser scanner to be built on a platform of SHINE technology – proprietary algorithms that deliver incredibly clean, accurate and high-quality data using the scanner’s default settings selections.

    SHINE – Systematic High-Intelligence Noise Elimination – is the key to the high performance delivered by the latest generation of Hexagon 3D scanners, which also include the Absolute Scanner AS1 and the HP-L-10.10.

    Even on challenging surface types and finishes, SHINE delivers unmatched data quality, and now, with the AS1-XL, that performance is available in a device dedicated to large-surface area inspection.

  • Modular Installation
    Like the Absolute Scanner AS1, the AS1-XL has a modular cross-platform design that makes it compatible for use with both our Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 laser tracker systems and our Absolute Arm 7-Axis portable measuring arms

    And that interoperability is near instantaneous – an AS1 or AS1-XL scanner unit can be dismounted and moved between referencing systems with just the flick of a switch, with no alignment required upon remounting.

    This also makes it easy for users to switch between the AS1 and AS1-XL as required, covering both high-definition feature measurement and high-speed surface inspection at peak efficiency within the same measurement session.