RationalDMIS has passed the authentication of Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), a world well-known Deutsch metrology institute, and its reliability, effectiveness in methodology has been recognized by authorities. RationalDMIS fully complies with DMIS standards and ISO22093:2003 international standards.


  • Intuitive, brief user interface
  • Simple, high-efficient operations
  • 100% graphical display
  • Powerful functions
  • Xecute - Software interface designed for shop floor CMM
  • SPC Module: used for the statistic analysis on product quality control
  • CCD Module: used for graphical analysis and complex measurement
  • Laser Scanning Module: commonly used in high-speed, high-precision  reverse engineering
  • Gear Module: used to measure the involute gear of cylinder, including internal straight gear, external straight gear and helical gear
  • Pipe Module: used to test and analyze automobile pipes, oil pipes
  • Cam Module: used to analyze cam/camshaft
  • Blade Module: used to measure and analyze aviation blade, nuclear power blade
  • Touch Screen: the operations can accomplish most of the testing at measuring machine terminal with touch screen
  • Net report: it allows the user to view the real-time measuring data, edit the output report from other computers with the help of LAN
  • NetOffline: it allows the programmer performing DMIS offline programming for the components from other computer through LAN (TCP/IP)