Small Frame Lathes


The Nanoform X is designed to increase productivity and ease of use in the diamond turning, milling, and grinding of optical lenses, mold inserts, mirrors, and precision mechanical components. The machine can be configured from 2 to 4 axis to produce spherical, aspherical and freeform surfaces of up to 440 mm diameter.

Since 1962, Precitech has delivered complete ultra precision solutions and maintains an installed base of over 1,500 systems worldwide. We continue to define the state-of-the-art, enhancing accuracy, productivity, and ease of use. Precitech is ultra precision machining solutions.

  • Fully-opening upper enclosure and lower work envelope allows easier access for setup and cleanup
  • Unique inner compartment design improves Swarf containment
  • Operator console enhancements lead to greater ease of use
  • Innovative suite of productivity tools reduces part and tool setup time
  • HS 150 spindle provides for 5x improvement in thermal stability
  • Dual frame design with TMC MaxDamp isolation reduces sensitivity to vibration
  • Industry leading surface finish less than 1nm Ra


This revolutionary, flood coolant compatible 2 to 5-axes ultra precision freeform machine is designed for diamond turning and deterministic freeform milling and grinding for the most challenging applications. Common applications: glass grinding for aspheric glass lenses, mold inserts for molding lenses for glass pressing.

The Nanoform 250 ultragrind comes standard with Precitech’s UPx CNC machine control that provides a user friendly interface with features designed specifically for increased throughput. It is fast and easy to use and boasts an unprecedented 16 picometer feedback resolution an and industry leading operating system with 0.01 nanometer programming resolution. Sealed natural granite base provides exceptional long term stability. The Nanoform 250 ultragrind incorporates an FEA optimized dual frame for the ultimate in environmental isolation. The linear motors are driven by true linear amplifiers.

Precitech designs and builds their own hydrostatic oil bearing sideways with optimized stiffness and damping characteristics, liquid cooled slides for thermal stability and our own motorized air bearing spindles that allow us to maintain close control over quality and delivery.

Diamond turning (2 or 3-axes) Direct lathing of optics and optical molds including freeform non-axi-symmetrical designs.

Tool Normal diamond turning (3 or 4-axes) Utilizing a contouring B-axis for freeform shapes in challenging materials, such as silicon.

Precision grinding and milling (2 or 3-axes) Utilizing a 15,000 rpm spindle in the 45° or 90° orientation for cross-axis grinding for the direct machining of precision glass optics.

Freeform grinding and milling (3 or 4-axes) Utilizing a 50,000 rpm spindle and a rotary B-axis for parallel grinding or 45° grinding for optical mold inserts, such as tungsten carbide for glass pressing applications.