Software Solutions & Accessories

Volume Graphics GmbH based in Heidelberg, Germany, introduced in 1997 the first software for processing CT slice image stacks in 3D for real-time visualization of voxel data on standard PC hardware, which enabled many smaller manufacturers to introduce XCT systems into the industrial market.  

Today, VG is the de facto CT industry standard software, with its wide suite of solutions including:

  • VGStudio: entry into CT data analysis and visualization and creation of impressive animations. Use with ‘CT Reconstruction’ module for high-tech reconstruction and visualization of slice images along all three axes as well as a 3D image. Grey values can be classified and data coloured. Clipping objects are provided to ‘cut’ the 3D model in any desired direction.  Basic measurement features for distances, angles etc.
  • VGStudio MAX: high-end version for simultaneous visualization and analysis of CT data with extendable  add-on modules: ‘Coordinate Measurement’, ‘Nominal/Actual Comparison’, ‘Porosity/Inclusion Analysis’, ‘Wall Thickness Analysis’, ‘Enhanced Porosity/Inclusion Analysis’, ‘Fiber Composite Material Analysis’, ‘Transport Phenomena’, ‘Foam Structure Analysis’ and ‘CAD Import (with PMI)’.

    The Coordinate Measurement module, for example, provides highly accurate local surface determination of up to 1/10th of the voxel size, enabling precise comparison of actual voxel data and nominal CAD data.
  • VGMetrology: universal metrology solution in an easy-to-use package. Measures voxel data, point clouds, meshes and CAD data and turns CT scanner into a comprehensive and precise metrology device.
  • VG InLine: transforms your CT system into a universal NDT inspection tool without laborious reprogramming.  Flexibility of analyses brings the unsurpassed scope of features of VGStudio MAX to an in-line/at-line inspection scenario for precise defect analysis or nominal/actual comparisons.
  • myVGL: Free viewer for CT data that allows vgl projects and analyses created using VGStudio MAX or VGStudio to be viewed interactively in detail with annotating ability. The Pack & Go functionality provides data reduction of up to 90%, allowing CT results to be easily shared with customers and colleagues.