231 Series Stands


The 231 Series stands available in several configurations, whose working heights range from a minimum of 28″ (71 cm) to a maximum of about 42″ (107 cm), as measured from the floor to the top of the intermediate tube, on which all instrument mount accessories are attached. This stand height specification does not include the added height and vertical range of any of our stand accessories or instrument adapters.

A wide variety of stand adapters, slides, lifts, and various instrument mounts fit into the intermediate tubes of our heavy duty stands.

The 231 Series is also available in a “hollow” version, which means that there is an unobstructed vertical path straight down through the center of the stand. This is useful in certain applications when it is critical to position the stand over a specific point. Any stand or accessory designated as “hollow” has this characteristic.

A special version of the 231, called the 231-MOD-0 (shown in image at right) has a range of 20-5/8″ – 25-5/8″ (52.4 – 65.1 cm). This is shorter than the standard 231, and comes with a 235-3 instrument adapter on top.

Stands in this group are generally used to support all types of metrology instrumentation, from portable CMM arms to laser trackers and scanners, to laser alignment devices, particularly when working with surface plates, machine tables, way checking, and assembly operations. Stability is the keyword here; this stand maintains instrument position very well, but it is not the type of stand that you throw over your shoulder and carry around! Mobility around the shop floor is permitted using the drop-down casters under the heavy-duty tribrach base which are engaged and released by a foot pedal. An air-check mechanism provides backup protection to prevent sudden drops of the instrument column in case the operator simultaneously releases the collar lock and main handle while disengaging the ratchet pawl.