MVTB Stands


Our MVTB Series motorized vertical tooling bars give you the ability to position your instrument easily to any point within a wide vertical range.

This stand is designed for use with many types of metrology instruments. The instrument is mounted on a shelf which is attached to a motor-driven carriage. The instrument shelf is outfitted with a 3½”-8 thread and/or a receiver for the Nikon Laser Radar, at your option. At its lowest point, the shelf is about 3.5 feet (1.1m) above the ground. A ground-level, hand-held pendant controls the movement of the carriage along the vertical rail. A motor brake holds the carriage in place if power is lost.

Casters situated under the heavy-duty tribrach base allow mobility around the shop floor (once the trivet “feet” are manually retracted). We recommend a very slow-speed towing vehicle although it is possible for several people to move the tooling bar manually.

The MVTB is a standard product but is made to order. The only information we require is the maximum height that you wish to position your instrument.

These tooling bars have two different height classes – Standard and Extended. Please refer to the table below for height specifications regarding these two classes. Note that assembly of these tooling bars is required on site and is not trivial. Many of our customers are capable of assembling Standard Class tooling bars, but factory technicians may be hired to do so for an additional cost after delivery. On-site assembly by factory technicians is included with our Extended class bars.