AW9 Series Ultra-Fast Type

Ultimate in dynamic weighing technologies by Anritsu

Opening the future of productivity: The pinnacle of Anritsu checkweighres that achieve ultra-fast and precision weighing

Anritsu Checkweigher AW9 Series Ultra-Fast Type is the culmination of over 50 years of development in dynamic weighing technology. It incorporates new technologies including a new force balance scale, digitalization of scale signals, and a high-rigidity centre balance layout. This enables to achieve maximum weighing throughput of 1,000 products per minute. It is compatible with ultra-fast packaging lines for light-weight products, which were previously difficult to handle.


  • Advanced Vibration Control Technology.
    Precise control is now possible to match the individual vibration characteristics of each weighing conveyor by digitalizing the control. This realizes high-speed and high-precision weighing.
  • Vibration-resistance frame structure and centre balance layout
    Anritsu has developed a new frame structure based on detailed simulations. The frame itself has been significantly strengthened over previous models, and the scale is mounted on an independent base to physically isolate it from the vibration source. This minimizes the effects of vibration and maximizes the performance of the scale.
  • New Digital Force Balance Scale
    With further improvements to the performance of the scale, it achieves a maximum weighing accuracy of ±0.006 g even at high-speed weighing.
  • High-speed air-blast rejector
    Comes with a dedicated standard High-speed air-blast rejector that enables accurate rejection even at 1,000 ppm. By detecting the position of the product at a stable stage after it has been transferred to the rejection conveyor, the sensor compensates for the rejection timing, ensuring accurate rejection.
  • Smaller diameter rollers for smooth product transfer
    Adopts 5 mm diameter rollers that enable good product transfer even during high-speed conveyance. 
  • Full windshield cover
    Standard Full windshield cover prevents disturbances in measurement accuracy caused by wind from any direction, such as those caused by air conditioning. It is also effective for worker safety and protecting equipment from falling objects.