BendingStudio XT


BendingStudio XT links all data and processes involved in the manufacture of bended parts, from production and process planning to manufacturing and quality control.

It is the only tool to meet and combine these requirements with an emphasis on metrological processes. In combination with TubeInspect or Absolute Arm systems, BendingStudio XT offers efficient and customer-oriented solutions with a unique combination of speed, accuracy and flexibility.

For any part, different data is often required for the different stages on the way from the drawing to the tested product. This includes CAD data from design and bend programs and corrections for manufacturing, as well as test and inspection plans or measurement reports and analysis for quality control. But these records are not always 100 percent compatible.

BendingStudio XT is focused on bringing together all parallel data sets belonging to any particular part, allowing manufacturers to monitor, quantify, visualise and document all changes throughout the different process steps.

The platform is based on a simple and clearly structured handling concept featuring a variety of small tools to ease daily work in all areas of bended part manufacturing.

BendingStudio XT is compatible with both manual and automated inspection processes through the turnkey TubeInspect measurement cell hardware, as well as 3D laser scanner, tube probe and touch probe measurement using an Absolute Arm portable measuring arm system.

BendXtract technology
At the centre of the high-performance inspection capability of BendingStudio XT is BendXtract technology – the set of algorithms that allow the platform to automatically calculate accurate bend geometries without the need for time-consuming precision scanning techniques and turn that data into easily understood reporting.
The algorithms behind BendXtract are based on three powerful ideas: Free Scanning; Automatic Extraction; and Smart Results.

Free scanning
BendXtract technology means easy data acquisition – collect complete tube geometries with just the click of a button, a few scan passes or a handful of probe points.

Automatic extraction
BendXtract takes collected measurement data and immediately calculates full tube geometries and centerlines with minimized user interaction.

Smart results
BendXtract powers the transformation of data into useable results, automatically compiled into a detailed measurement report as required.


  • End-to-end management
    The BendingStudio XT platform is designed to offer full communication and data handling across production, quality control and design offices, covering the entire bending production process.

  • Cross compatibility
    BendingStudio XT allows for complete cross-compatibility between measurement input from TubeInspect and Absolute Arm systems, allowing input from either device to be easily used within the same production structure.

  • Simple handling
    Built on a clear and intuitive structure, BendingStudio XT allows for easy-to-understand handling on production data, including one-click functionality for measurement results and data import and export.

  • Comprehensive interfaces
    BendingStudio XT is built to plug-and-play with the third-party products vital to bending production and control, and includes an open tube bender interface as well as to important statistical process control software such as qs-STAT.

  • Measurement functions
    Bending points, bend data, sheath deviation, deflection compensation and diameter changes are simply handled with BendingStudio XT, as well as measurement of complex tube structures such as branched tubes, bevel-cut ends or even rectangle-section tubes.

  • Measurement jobs
    Improvement of process reliability and optimisation of series part inspection applications is easily achievable with the implementation of measurement jobs within BendingStudio XT.

  • Inspection flexibility
    Different inspection plans can be assigned to a single part within BendingStudio XT, allowing for the display of drawing requirements and mounting conditions from the same measurement.

  • CAD-Adaptors
    High-definition input systems such as TubeInspect HRC models or the Absolute Arm with Absolute Scanner AS1 support CAD-Adapator functionality, allowing for the position and orientation measurement of end holders, fittings and fixtures without mechanical adaptors.