Easy 2D plane and 3D volume inspection of complex printed circuit boards


  • 2D slice view provides significant better result quality compared to conventional X-ray inspection with overlaying features
  • Excellent image quality and high magnification for wide defect coverage
  • Slice and ROI CT volume evaluation in any direction with GE’s 3D|viewer
  • Available with Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo systems
  • Upgrade option for already installed systems


  • 2D X-ray inspection of any board or package slices without destructive cutting and overlaying structures
  • Easy to adjust 3D CT without any sample preparation of fixing in a rotation stage for 3D pore evaluation etc.
  • No additional software required: acquisition, reconstruction and 2D or 3D evaluation with GE's proprietary phoenix|x-ray software

Frost & Sullivan 2023 Award