Vertical Bench-Top Optical Comparators


The VB300 is another optical comparator built to the Starrett trademark formula: high performance at a low price. This vertical bench-top comparator is designed to meet the demands of modern industry, and is ideal for the rapid inspection of small light-weight components, stampings, plastic molding, electronic components, small turned parts, and more.


  • All metal construction for optimum performance
  • 12" (300mm) diameter screen with overlay clips
  • Linear encoder (glass scale) on both X and Y axes
  • Stage weight capacity: 5kg (evenly distributed)
  • LED profile and surface illumination
  • Screen driven Q-axis
  • Quick release mechanism on X-axis and Y-axis
  • Available with a simple integrated LED readout display (as shown) or choice of the new MetLogix™ or Quadra-Chek® digital readout systems


The VB400 Vertical Optical Comparator allows flat parts to be simply laid on a glass insert in the workstage. Features include a 400mm diameter vertical screen, ultra-bright LED profile and surface illumination, and linear encoder scales for 0.5μm resolution.


  • All metal construction
  • 16" (400mm) diameter screen
  • Collimating condenser with yellow/green filter and provision to mount further accessories
  • Linear encoder (glass scale) on both X and Y axes
  • LED profile and surface illumination
  • Digital protractor for accurate angle measurements (1' resolution) via Q-axis readout
  • Available with MetLogix™ M1 tablet, M2 PC-based touch screen measuring software or Quadra-Chek® digital readout system
  • Fine adjustment on all axes
  • Quick release mechanism on the X-axis