Vertical Floor Standing Optical Comparators


If your measuring requirements demand the use of a large screen vertical axis comparator, then look no further than the VF600. Ideal for the larger components found in the electronics, stamping, and extrusion industries, the VF600 is the ultimate in vertical axis optical comparators; a design based on 35 years of knowledge in the manufacture of high performing optical comparators.


  • Available with MetLogix™ M1 tablet, M2 measuring software with touch screen PC, or Quadra-Chek® digital readout system
  • Screen is angled 30° from horizontal for clear, easy viewing
  • Projection lens turret with three lens capacity (lenses not included)
  • Turret mounted condenser system complete with two lenses and yellow/green filter with provision to mount further accessories
  • Full canopy and curtains
  • Linear encoder (glass scale) on both X and Y axes