Food, Pharmaceutical & Industrial Solutions

Cassel Messtechnik GmbH, founded in 1994, manufactures METAL SHARK® modular metal detectors for detection of metal contaminants in machinery, plastics, forestry, textiles and mining products to protect against machine damage, and for foods and pharmaceuticals for HACCP/safety.

Cassel’s strengths are in customization, offering solutions in both horizontal and vertical flow directions.  Her R&D is directed towards providing technologically up-to-date inspection systems that are offered at reasonable prices in relation to performance and quality.

This range of products includes: -

  • METAL SHARK® 2 Controller for high-end, outstanding performance
  • IN LIQUID (for pipeline) liquid and semi-liquid products
  • GF (for downpipe) free-falling powder and bulk products
  • BD (for conveyor) rectangular sensor head for conveyors
  • IN MEAT (for meat pumps) pipeline device for sausage stuffer pumps
  • PH (for Pharmaceuticals) for tablet and capsule inspection