METAL SHARK®-2 Controller

High-End controller with outstanding performance.


The METAL SHARK®-2 controller sets a new industry benchmark for performance, user-friendliness and ease of documentation.

Improved performance results from Cassel′s exclusive Four-Quadrant technology, which allows for a 360 degree freestyle teach area around the product effect, significantly increasing sensitivity. Cassel equipment readily adjusts settings to detect metals in even the most difficult products such as cheese and high-salt content foods.

Setting standards for testing is simple. Users are guided through a series of easy-to-understand, high-color screens. An on-board "teaching assistant" offers help, if needed. Password protection ensures that only authorized users operate equipment.

Documentation of data required by HACCP, IFS, BRC and GMP is automatically recorded by METAL SHARK-2. Metal contaminant detections, changes in parameter settings or other data are logged, along with time and date. Reports can be downloaded to a Window-based PC for permanent storage and record-keeping. Cassel Metal Detectors can also be programmed to automatically remind the operator to test equipment performance at pre-set intervals.


  • Digital Balance Control
  • Digital Frequency Control
  • Digital Dynamic Noise Filter
  • Quick teach
  • Intuitive operation
  • No maintenance electronics
  • Sensitivity + Stability = Satisfaction
  • HACCP and IFS compliance
  • Compatible Windows software: SHARKNET®-2
  • Compatible sensor heads: BD, GF, IN LIQUID, TU, FL, R, BIG, BIGpba, OCTA, RECT, RD, COMBI
  • Stainless steel enclosure:  Module is housed inside a stainless steel enclosure, fabricated up to IP69K. Other optional enclosures are availale for wet or washdown environments.