IN MEAT (for meat pumps)

Pipeline device for sausage stuffer pumps.


Compact metal detector for sausage pumps and stuffer machines. Mobile base frame, stand with integrated gas spring for easy height adjustment 850 – 1200 mm (33.5 – 47.2"), for installation between stuffer and clip machine. Including connection cable with external device plug and socket.

Please advise type of stuffer machine upon ordering the metal detector.

Available types for

  • Handtmann
  • Vemag
  • Rex
  • Risco
  • Velati
  • K&G
  • Frey
  • Karl Schnell

Special type INA MEAT available for installation with linking gear box and twisting device, for Handtmann and Rex.

Features & BENEFITS

  • Production Line Integration
  • HACCP and IFS Compliance
  • Available digital controller: METAL SHARK®-1