World's Top Rotation Accuracy, Roundness and Cylindrical Profile Measuring Instruments.


  • World's top rotation accuracy: 0.1µm
  • Optimum for cylindrical profile analysis of high-precision automobile and electric parts.
  • Enables high speed alignment, highest in this class of measuring instruments.
  • Adopts proven static-pressure air bearings in the guides for rotating and rectilinear portion.
  • Contains the TIMS software excellent in user-interface.
  • Fully automatic detector holder(patent pending) - The fully automatic detector holder has two rotating axes: One for rotation in the horizontal plane (XY plane), and one for rotation in the vertical plane(YZ plane). Conventionally, the operator had to alighn the detector with the measuring point. This new holder fully automates this process, enabling automatic measurement of inner diameter, outer diameter, upper surface, lower surface and taper surface (optional).