World's Top Level Rotation Accuracy CNC Roundness / Cylindrical Profile Measuring Instrument


  • More reasonable design (Increase in functions and performance; Reduction of sale price)
  • Highest accuracy in its class
    • Rotation speed: 4/min; Rotation accuracy: 0.06µm
    • High Z-axis straightness accuracy: 0.9µm/200mm or less
    • High Z-axis parallelism: 0.9µm/100mm or less)
  • Measuring height: 1015mm
  • Max. loading diameter: Ø900mm
  • R-axis feed range: 265mm
  • Y-axis: 120mm
  • Tilting range of a measuring table: ±1º(2°)
  • Smaller footprint (27% reduction of width and 24% reduction of foodprint)
  • Reduced mass to 50%
  • Required minimum air pressure: 0.35MPa
  • Common use of detectors for various applications
  • Detector with all-direction safety function
  • Safety device as standard-mounted
  • Auto balancing mechanism on R-axis
  • CNC functions as standard
    • Auto-centering / Auto-tilting / Auto-leveling functions
    • CNC measuring function with ACCTee
  • Special specifications (Option)
  • Edge detection measurement function (Option)
  • Calibration wizard function (Standard)
  • Self-diagnosis function (Standard)