Table-Rotating Type Compact Roundness Measuring Instrument
Entry level worldwide strategic machine pursuing low cost and ease of use


  • Compact Design (Width is 320mm-49% reduction; Height is 500mm-22% reduction) 50% less than the previous model
  • Small Footprint: 0.13m2 (50% reduction of footprint)
  • Lightweight Design - Achieved 1/4 of mass of existing model
  • Movable Column Design (Allows a detector to reach a workpiece from both right and left sides)
  • Simple Setup
  • Tablet PC
  • Easy Operation
  • All Necessary Icons on One Screen
  • Error Judgement
  • Alignment Assist Function (Standard)
  • Gear Analysis Function (Standard) (Automatically recognizes gear tooth tips and allows roundness analysis using only tip surface data.)
  • Multi Languages