Advanced Functions and Superior Operational Ease.


  • TIMS Integrated Measuring System - Simply touch the icon to change between the roughness and contour measuring modes. Measured data can be comnined when printed (Roughness / Contour).
  • The AI function automatically sets the measuring conditions and executes measurement(Roughness).
  • The automatic operation log/playback function automatically stores measurement and analysis procedures in the memory, including drive unit and column movements. This enables CNC measurements to be performed (Roughness / Contour).
  • The automatic element judging function recognizes automatically the point, line, and circle elements without setting. [AI function] (Contour)
  • The dimension line display function enables dimension lines to be drawn on the diagram along with actual measured values for parameters and geometric deviation (Contour).
  • The profile synthesizing function eliminates the analysis range limitation imposed due to the stylus angle. (Contour)