DualX HR X-Ray Inspection System

DualX HR X-Ray Inspection System

Equipped with a new High Resolution Dual Energy Sensor for enhanced detection performance such as minute bones and metals!

New Dual Energy Sensor breaks through the limits of conventional detection performance

The standard dual energy model could not fully utilize its superiority of the dual energy inspection when it comes to thicker products or products with highly uneven surfaces. By introducing a new dual energy sensor, we have succeeded in making X-ray transmission images significantly sharper. It is now possible to clearly display the shadows of contaminants on these targets. In addition, the dedicated detection algorithms have improved the sensitivity to detect fine metals and small bones, which had been hard to detect.


  • High-resolution imaging enables improved detection sensitivity for fine bones and metals
  • Outstanding detection performance even for thick products with irregular surface thanks to the new Dual Energy Sensor and the dedicated detection algorithms
  • New dual energy sensor greatly extends the life of the sensor, contributing to the reduction of TCO