Pharmaceutical X-Ray Inspection System

Suitable for pharmaceutical products that cannot be inspected by conventional means.


  • New X-Ray unit with significantly improved X-Ray images & reduced variation in quality contributes to quality stabilization
  • Simultaneous inspection for contaminant, shape, count & package check
  • Unique X-Ray technology detects transdermal patches caught in sealed areas previously undetectable
  • Unique technology minimizes X-Ray leakage allowing short products with height less than 10mm to be conveyed without touching leakage prevention curtain, reducing false rejects due to product jam or the disturbance of product orientation during conveyance, ensuring proper rejection
  • No blind spot design prevents statistical discrepancies and contamination due to improper conveyance and products falling off the line
  • Supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation with Eligibility Authentication, Audit Trail, Data Encryption and Decryption
  • Product Registration Navigation simplifies parameter setting via step-by-step illustrations for easy setting of the system to achieve high sensitivity