High Sensitivity duw-h Series

Anritsu metal detectors are easy to use for anyone, which yields a range of benefits: improved inspection reliability, cost efficiency, and company credibility. These benefits contribute to the growth of your business and the creation of a safe, more secure society.


  • Heads are vibration and electric noise resistant
    • Metal detectors look for fluctuations within magnetic fields when product passes through the detector head. Since the magnetic fields are affected by external sources such as floor vibration and inverters from nearby machines, a metal detector must be designed to handle these challenges. With this in mind, Anritsu's detection heads were designed to provide high sensitivity without sacrificing repeatability and reliability.
  • Optimal sensitivity achieved by HIS (High Sensitivity) Setting
    • HIS (High Sensitivity) setting automatically analyzes product and contaminant properties and sets detection limits precisely for optimal contaminant detection.
  • Auto-Limit and Auto-Tracking Function enhance repeatability and reliability
    • Auto-limit function automatically sets the best evaluation limit based on the variation of product effects. Auto-tracking function prevents false rejects by compensating for product temperature changes.
  • High sensitivity detection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    • Anritsu has patented a dual-frequency system, which automatically determines best frequencies to maximize sensitivity for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals simultaneously. The contamination of stainless steel fragments dropped from a production equipment can be also detected.
  • Optimized parameter setting anyone can achieve
    • On-screen instructions elimatae confusion and simplify product setup. The system automatically selects the best settings based on: speed, product parameters (dry/wet/aluminum film), etc. Even inexperienced operators can perform optimal parameter settings.
  • Simple maintenance
    • The conveyor belt can be easily removed/attached without tools. The waterproofed models' drive-belt-free direct-drive method facilitates easy and quick cleaning. The waterproofed models also feature an automatic tension adjustment capability and a belt misalignment prevention mechanism, which require less maintenance and minimize downtime.
  • Smart Guide ensures correct operation checking
    • Metal detectors are considered a critical control point (CCP) in HACCP programs and continuous operation checking is required to meet standards. Smart Guide navigates operation check and maintenance procedures in an easy-to-understand format. When a procedure was performed incorrectly, it will not allow to proceed further, ensuring correct operation management. The time and costs for training operators can be minimized.
  • No operation manual is required with Product Registration Navigation
    • Product Registration Navigation simplifies parameter setting procedures with step-by-step illustrated instructions. You can save time and effort on reading through operation manuals or putting together training documents.
  • Multilingual display and global service network
    • 11 different languages are selectable on screen for interface including English, Spanish, French, German, etc. We offer service networks in over 50 countries, ensuring that service, maintenance and repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently.
  • Simplified product changeover (Optional)
    • Product menus can be automatically selected by scanning product barcodes, allowing for simplified product changeovers even in diverse production lines.
  • Electronic daily report eliminates cumbersome manual data collection process
    • No matter how careful you are, human errors are inevitable in manual data collection. With Anritsu metal detectors, you can view all inspection data on the screen at any time and the data can be transferred to a PC via the USB port (inspection data is stored in .CSV format). Data and log management can be simplified, allowing for quick response to retailers' inquiries and enhancing your company's credibility.
  • Advanced operator management
    • 11 languages are selectable on-screen for interface, maximizing operator efficiency. Access levels assigned to each operator control which tasks an operator can perform, ensuring that all operators perform only the operations allowed to them. This maintains inspection quality and enhances the credibility of e-daily reports.
  • Provide product inspection certification (Optional)
    • QUICCA (overall quality management and control system) provides certification for HACCP program. You can show your clients that your manufacturing process uses and follows stringent quality control measures and can secure clients' confidence and trust.
  • Rejection Confirmation
    • Contaminated products should not only be detected by also rejected properly. Rejection Confirmation Function of Anritsu rejectors continuously monitors rejection operation to ensure rejected products are fully removed from the line.








Maximum Pass Width



7-inch color TFT LCD

Pass Height







Operation Method

Touch panel (Start, Stop and Home are direct push buttons)

Preset memory

Maximum 200

Belt Width







Maximum Product Weight Note 1

5 kg [BF (Non-waterproof) type can support up to 10 kg as an option. BW (Waterproof) type can support up to 15 kg. However, the belt speed is 5 to 49 m/min]








Belt Speed

10 to 90 m/min (variable speed depending on Product No.)

Protection Class

IP30 compliance

IP66 compliance

IP30 compliance

IP66 compliance

IP30 compliance

IP66 compliance

Environmental Conditions

0° to 40°C, relative humidity 30% to 85%, non-condensing

Power Requirements

100 to 120 Vac +10% –15% or 200 to 240 Vac +10% –15%, single phase, 50/60 Hz, 200 VA, rush current 62 A (typ.) (20 ms or less)

Product Packaging

Both general and aluminum-evaporated film-packaged products

Metal Detection

Rejection signal output and beep, or belt stop and beep


BF (Non-waterproof) type: painted [Indicator and detector head: stainless steel (SUS304)]   BW (Waterproof) type: stainless steel (SUS304)

Data Output

USB port (USB2.0), Ethernet interface (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX)

Detection Method

Simultaneous 2-frequency magnetization detection method

  • NOTE 1 : Sum total of product weight on the conveyor.
  • NOTE 2 : The shape (length, width, and height) of products to be inspected varies with the rejector type. 

With a pass width of 210 mm, this model is ideal for contaminant detection in individually packaged small products, allowing the high-sensitivity detection.