Pharmaceutical Metal Detector


Anritsu’s M6-h series Pharmaceutical Metal Detector can look at whether the contaminant is magnetic material or non-magnetic material without breaking the tablets and capsules. Its built-in monitoring function verifies correct operation of the Metal Detector.

  • High Stability Supports Efficient Detection of Contaminants

    The major causes of lower stability in metal detection are vibration, static electricity, and electrical noise from peripheral devices that destabilize the magnetic fields in detection heads. Anritsu Pharmaceutical Metal Detector enhances resistance to these negative factors, achieving stable and accurate detection of contaminants. It has vibration resistant, measures for static electricity and resistance to noise from peripheral devices.

  • Industry Leading Level* High Sensitivity Inspection

    Detection head and signal processing specialized for the inspection of pharmaceutical products significantly reduce product effect, providing high sensitivity detection. For most tablets and capsules, no setting using sample products before the inspection is required. No complicated adjustments are required for achieving high detection sensitivity. Even those tablets and capsules containing hard-to-inspect ingredients such as iron content can be adjusted to optimum sensitivity by feeding a product only once. It also can instantly analyse magnetic and non-magnetic materials in the metal contaminants.
    *According to an in-house research

  • Tool Free Part Removal

    Parts that are in direct contact with pharmaceutical products such as a feeding chute, a rejection box, and an NG bottle can be easily removed and attached without tools. Chute angle and swing angle can be adjusted effortlessly without tools.

  • Duplex monitoring system for rejection gate operation

    A rejection unit is equipped with a position sensor on both PASS and NG sides to perform position check at the time of starting the machine and detecting contaminants. The failsafe design enables the rejection unit to hold at the NG direction at the time of non-electric conduction and occurrence of abnormality, preventing false rejection of faulty products as well as any product that does not satisfy the evaluation criteria to the PASS direction.

  • Supporting FDA 21 CFR Part 11

    It is vital for pharmaceutical metal detectors to manage and record production and inspection data, not to speak of performing high precision inspection. Anritsu Pharmaceutical Metal Detector complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, including eligibility user authentication, audit trails, and data encryption/decryption.