Nikon Instruments, part of a corporation established 1917, is a global leader in optical inspection and measurement solutions.  Its measurement instruments solutions include:

  • NEXIV (high precision) and iNEXIV (compact multi-sensor) CNC Video Measuring Systems, including high-end solutions such as Confocal NEXIV for real-time 3D FOV confocal measurements
  • V24B/20B/12B Profile Projectors with high-resolution very clear image vertical illumination
  • ECLIPSE Industrial Microscopes (upright and inverted) and accessories (eyepiece tubes, illuminators, stages, stage holders and objectives) for a wide range of industrial applications
  • SMZ Stereoscopic Microscopes with accessories (objectives, eyepiece tubes and eye level risers, illuminators, polarising and epi-flourescence attachments, universal stand and focussing mount)
  • MM Series Next-Generation Measuring Microscopes with precision stages
  • SHUTTLEPIX Digital microscopes
  • Imaging Software NIS-Elements adds automated intelligence to microscopes, cameras, components and peripherals with powerful archiving, analysis and visualization. An intuitive interface speeds up image acquisition and powerful workflow functions such as image stitching, object counting and volume views