Wafer Loaders for IC Inspection Microscopes NWL200 Series

Nikon's proprietary technology ensures reliable loading of ultra-thin 100µm wafers.

In the semiconductor manufacturing process, wafers are following a trend toward ever greater thinness. Nikon's oustanding proprietary technology makes the NWL200 Series the first lineup of wafer loaders for inspection microscopes capable of loading 100µm thin wafers. The NWL200 Series achieves highly reliable loading suitable for inspection of next-generation semiconductors.


  • Nikon's original technology ensures safe, reliable loading of thin wafers
    Support for ultra-thin 100µm wafers
    Improved wafer-sensing functions

  • Transfer of Chemical Compound Semiconductor (Wafer) is possible
    Addition of Alighment sensor for Chemical Compound wafer (optional)

  • Outstanding operability
    Wafer-slot buttons offer improved operability
    Elegant ergonomic design
    High throughput
    Anti-contamination measures for highly integrated production
    High reliability

  • High-performance macro inspection and a range of illumination systems
    Range of macro inspection functions are provided as standard

  • Convenient Web-linked functions
    Remote access tool

  • System upgrades
    Mix and match options for a range of applications