ECLIPSE LV-N Industrial Microscopes

The ECLIPSE microscope body has been modularized to meet industrial microscope applications in diverse fi elds of industry, including semiconductor devices, packaging, FPDs, electronic components, materials, and precision molds.

The ECLIPSE LV Series, with stand units and illumination units selectable according to observation method and purpose to meet a variety of observation methods, has gained a new optical system and new features in its continued evolution.

Four types – motorized and manual types plus dedicated refl ected illumination and combined refl ected/transmitted illumination types – are available to meet any application.


  • Evolved optical performance
    Nikon's CFI60 optical system, highly evaluated for its unique concept of high NA combined with long working distance has further evolved to achieve the apex in long working distance, chromatic aberration correction, and light weight.

  • Integration with digital camera
    Detection of microscope information, including objective lens information, and motorized unit microscope operation are now possible using the digital control unit, for more effi cient observation and image capture.

  • Diverse observation methods
    Combinations of a full range of accessories expand the observation methods available when using transmitted illumination, allowing adaptability to a greater diversity of samples. All models enable brightfield, darkfield, differential interference, fluorescence, polarizing, and two-beam interferometry observation, while the LV100DA and LV100DA-U also allow transmission-type differential interference, darkfield, polarizing, and phase contrast observation.


  • Dedicated reflected illumination models
    Manual Type: LV150N / LV150NL
    Motorized Type: LV150NA

  • Combined reflected/transmitted illumination models
    Manual Type: LV100ND
    Motorized Type: LV100DA-U