Software Solutions & Accessories

Accretech (Tokyo Seimitsu Ltd), established in 1949, is a leading manufacturer of precision 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines, Surface Texture and Contour Measuring Instruments, Cylindrical Form and Roundness Measuring Instruments and other very high precision solutions.

  • Accretech XYZAX CMMs combines Zeiss controllers and software with the best Japanese mechatronics precision and reliability.
  • Accretech Surfcom NEX is a comprehensive line-up of Surface Texture (2D and 3D) and Profile Measuring equipment, ranging up to the highest resolution, accuracy and speed capabilities. A comprehensive array of styli and accessories allows measuring of various features even in difficult areas.
  • Accretech Rondcom NEX is a line-up of Roundness and Cylindricity Profile Measuring solutions ranging up to the most precise automated systems, matched with a comprehensive array of accessories and sensors for various measurement applications.
  • Accretech Opt Scope combines Coherence Scanning Interferometry with new Peak Detection algorithms to offer cost-effective optical 2D and 3D surface texture measurements ranging from machined honed surfaces to the smoothest semicon wafer surfaces.
  • ACCTee fully integrated analysis software allows operability at the document screen, CNC operations, efficiency improvement of re-analysis and re-measurement with easy operation and self-diagnosis and networked report for parts measured through various TSK measuring stations.