Food, Pharmaceutical & Industrial Solutions

Anritsu Corporation, part of a 120 year old Corporation, has been providing in-line automated quality inspection to the food and pharmaceuticals industries since 1965.  She is known for her world-class quality assurance In-Line X-ray systems, Checkweighers and Metal Detectors for safety and validation.

Anritsu In-Line Checkweighers automatically weighs products at high speeds and precision.  Results can be shared on a network for feedback to fillers and packaging machines, documentation, computation of missing products, or compliance with OIML R-51 and with pharmaceutical standards.

Anritsu In-Line X-ray Inspection Systems efficiently inspects for both metal and non-metal contaminants as well as for defects in shapes, broken or missing products, quantity and other various aspects.

Anritsu In-Line Metal Detectors detects ferrous and non-ferrous metal (iron, stainless steel and aluminium) contaminants as well as missing metal parts, in food and non-food products.

Anritsu In-Line Rejectors are coupled with Anritsu’s Checkweighers, X-Ray and Metal Detectors to remove deficient products efficiently, quickly and with optimal gentleness to prevent breakages as much as possible.

Safety is achieved via detection of contaminants via high sensitivity Anritsu In-Line X-Ray Inspection or via Anritsu In-Line Metal Detectors, which also supports compliance with standards such as HACCP, as well as in high accuracy verification of weights in pharmaceutical products via In-Line Checkweighers.    

Validation is achieved via accurate weight verification for OIML R-51 trade compliance as well as net weight control of wastage via In-Line Checkweighers, and detection of missing products by In-Line Checkweighers, X-ray Inspection and Metal Detectors or of verifying shapes and patters by In-Line X-Ray.

One growing requirement is in sophisticated inspection methods for shape, packaging and labelling of products, as well as track and trace information management with security systems by camera monitoring.